Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our products are authorized, and we guarantee that all products are original genuine.

Yes, you can request a return after your purchase for up to 30 days from the date you receive your package.

Yes,The headphones are sized to fit most people's ear size and provide more convenience while maintaining comfort.

Yes, all headphones can be adjusted to the previous song, the next song, the specific operation method depending on the specific product, different styles of operation methods are slightly different.

Yes, of course. It will automatically connect with your device after first-time use.

Generally, 1 hours is enough to get it fully charged for earphones and 1.5 hour for earphones compartment.

OTHER Questions

Yes, a built-in microphone is made for clear talks.

No. It's just sweatproof. We don't recommend swimming with them.

As long as the volume is not the maximum, there will be no leakage of sound. As for the health of the ear, you should also avoid using the maximum volume for a long time.

Yes, you can link them using an IOS phone or an Android phone.

Answer: You can gently wipe the surface of the headphones and earbuds with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid directly spraying water onto the headphones or earbuds. Additionally, regularly replacing the ear tips can help maintain hygiene.

Answer: Bluetooth connections can provide high-quality audio transmission, but sound quality may be influenced by signal strength and audio codecs used. Using high-quality Bluetooth codecs (e.g., aptX, AAC) and maintaining a stable connection can improve sound quality.